Cirocco is the main character (as you may have guessed) and is at the center of most of the happenings in and around Denhim. He is usually treated as a typical underdog in these situations but usually finds a way to balance out the situation and to make sure it works out the best for everyone.
His personality is somewhat malleable to the plot, but he is often reclusive, yet friendly and decisive.
Physically he is an average preteen geometroid with a circular genus and a somewhat relaxed and dominantly weak stature
He enjoys curricular activities to a healthy extent, but is social to those in his circle of trust, such as his friends, family and beyond.
Kannon is a strongly reoccurring character who acts as Cirocco’s closest friend because, well.. he is.
So far, he seems to be quite passive and friendly, but more may be developed as new episodes come out.
He is presented as comfortably confident and wanting his friends to be more happy.
Terence is the stereotypical school bully . He is more as a frenemy than a villian but he's a jerk to pretty much everyone else’s in Denhim elementary.
He is quite irrational and destructive of others. He has very few friends due to his nature of alienating others, one of his friends being Cresmond, who is yet to appear.
He is large and strong and is suggested to be very sporty, which is likely to be explored in the future.
Not much is known about his motives or past, but he is a character worth giving the benefit of the doubt. ..sometimes.
He’s very emotional

Elia is Cirocco’s sister.
She is shown so far to have an innocent personality, but will burst in anger if she sees something to be unfair.

Marco is the father of Cirocco and Elia. He is a single father of which is of mysterious terms. He is shown to be caring and fun.
Not much is known about his past, but it’s speculated to be one of heartbreak and tyranny.

Dexter is a reoccurring character who constantly finds himself in a metronomic situation when it comes affiliation.
He is short-tempered and easily problematic, which makes him an easy target for Terence.
He has a dedicated friend group with Gladten, Riley and Cirocco to a lesser extent.
His fluctuating mood finds himself into a lot of dangerous situations and sometimes causes others or himself to learn a valuable lesson.

Abelard is the more traditional villain of Cirocco’s everyday misadventures. He’s a lot more goofy and exaggerated than most of Cirocco’s other enemies.
He’s less of a socially disliked character and more of an actual villainous figure, performing unusual tasks and petty crimes
He is criminally crazy and nefarious with an insatiable knack for getting in (and usually not out of) trouble.
He doesn’t have any specific relationships with anybody, other than being Cirocco’s big-time nemesis.

Mr. Klaxson is the primary teacher of Cirocco and company’s classes.
He is very relaxed and flamboyant, until someone disturbs the class. Then he is very unhinged and malicious.

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